Why I Don't Gamble

If you've been following my NFL picks for the last few weeks you already know why. I actually started out the season fairly well having two positive weeks, but these past three (four) weeks have been horrible.

In 1990 (I believe) I bet a neighbor $5 that the Oakland Athletics would sweep the Cincinnati Reds in the World Series. Big bucks for this middle schooler. And what a decent bet. Oakland was the defending champion and had been to the World Series the past two years. They had Ricky and Dave Henderson, Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, Walt Weise, Dave Stewart, the "Eck" and so many more. But the Reds sweep the A's. I had to pay up $10 and that was my last money bet ever.

This year my dad wanted to bet me that Dallas would be 10-0, and the he said 16-0. Yeah I know...he's silly. But after the win over Chicago I had to actually get out their schedule. When I say the match up for week 6...pure relief.

I hate the Cowboys. Thanks New England.

And I'm so proud of my '9ers this week. Of course they were off, but still...

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