Katie Howell

I sneaked out of the the high school Christmas party a little early tonight, because I double booked myself. I also committed to joining some friends and going to see the new I Am Legend movie as well.
The Christmas party was going well. We have such a unique gathering of students that I find funny to watch them interact. But all of them are very casual and relaxed people that I really believe that anyone can walk though our doors and feel the warmth of community and acceptance and grace.
So anyways I went to meet up with William, who forever more will be referred to as "The Deuce" or "Bartender [spoken slowly with your deepest voice possible]. I arrived at his apartment complex and we waited to leave because some friends who serve as care residents within their apartment complex (they schedule activities and create community - very cool) had invited a former student in their youth ministry to come play music.
Her name was Katie Howell and because I love independent artist I want to share her with you. Visit her myspace HERE. A beautiful young woman with a great tone in her voice, that can move between fragility and power. She sang several song she had written as well as some Christmas songs. She also played the guitar impressively and she later told me she first learned to play the piano. But most impressive was her ability to entertain and interact with the audience. I barely met her, but I feel pretty comfortable recommending her to anyone who needs an artist or a worship leader for some kind of retreat. I don't even know if she does events like those, but I'm planning on finding out.