Lisa Loeb Saved My Marriage

Mark, who's living in IKEA, was having some marriage problems (due to living in IKEA I think), and...well just watch...

Someday I hope to get married, screw things up, plan a personal concert with Lisa Loeb, jump on beds together, and of course save the marriage. Awesome!

May 22, Will You Ever Arrive?

Can't Wait!

Dream a little dream...

Bill Clinton had some trouble staying await during a MLK remembrance service. My favorite part is the wake-up-nodding-in-agreement maneuver. (Been there before!) And at the end the glance at the watch.

Warning: Graphic

This video is not easy to watch. But it's images that are haunting and heart breaking. Please be careful watching it and showing it. (I really wish there was another image displayed below even.)