Video: Wisely

Have you seen this vdieo yet? It's by Wisely, called Through Any Window. It's really a great concept, plus it's got Jenna Fischer/Pam from The Office...Enjoy!

We've All Been There...

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Useless Knowledge

People who know me often say that they would love to play Trivia Pursuit with me.  This was said by at least two people this weekend.  Not so much that I’m really smart, but that I have a weird ability to retain pointless information. 


Here is a quick conversation that happened last night while eating with a group at Red Robin.


Chris: Hey Trevor…

Me: [diverting attention from another conversation] Yeah.

Chris: What season of The Real World had that Mormon chick?

ME: Um…New Orleans, but she was also on several seasons of those Real World/Road Rules Challenges…

Chris: Thanks I knew you’d know that.

Me: Why do I know that?  I don’t watch those.

Chris: [laughs]

Me: No seriously ask me something important.  Ask me to quote one Bible verse.  Seriously off the top of my head, I can’t think of one.


This is a really sad thing to me.  Although it wasn’t entirely true because we had just gotten out of church and at our church we occasionally like to use the Bible.  But if I can somehow parlay it into cash…well, then maybe I could sleep just a little better. 


Anyways, all that to say that while reading Mental Floss this morning I thought this was interesting…


Word Origin: Maverick


“Old Sam Maverick’s friends said he refused to brand his cattle because it was cruel to animals; competing ranchers said it let him round up and claim all the unbranded cattle in the neighborhood.  In an era that has sophisticates displaying designers’ initials, the Americanism maverick now means, ‘one who bears no man’s brand,’ or in McCain’s evocation [according to recent ads] of Thoreau’s metaphor, ‘marches to the beat of his own drum.’”



Strange News

This is a really odd news story …                                  

Officials: Burglar wakes men with spice rub, sausage whack

…honestly now, who does that?