E-mailing Heroes

I got an e-mail reply from one of my favorite authors. I wasn't really expecting it so I thought I should definitely share it. And why not here on the ol' blog.
A.J. Jacobs
He wrote couple of great books.
He has a new book coming out.
Here is the e-mail conversation.

Can I can you A.J.? Or Mr. Jacobs, because that has a nice ring to it too.
I just wanted to quickly communiate how much I enjoy your books and other writings.
Thank you.
No need need to respond. Enjoy those "three loveable but time-consuming kids".
Happy Sabbath!
Trevor Harrison"

"Thanks so much Trevor! You make me commit the sin of pride.
AJ "

I might just e-mail some other favorite celebrity heroes.
Who would you e-mail?
Have you ever got a reply for some kinda hero/celebrity?