Douglas Howser

I've been watching Doogie Howser, M.D. on Hulu lately. I love watching the background actors, they remain completely emotionless...like zombies.
I do have a couple of thoughts that came to my mind last night:

1. For such a boy genius he can not type. Seriously he's supposed to be able to sew delicate surgical procedures but it takes him a minute to type two lines consisting of 3rd grade vocab words.

2. Why in Christmas movies and television shows do the main characters always decorate and light up their Christmas trees on Christmas Eve?


I'm trading one vice for another! But this stuff really is sweet.
Oh and fyi this is my first post from my new phone. Hopefully it works.

MLB 2008...early thoughts

-         What is wrong with Detroit?  I thought they would have some issues, but assumed that line-up would be able to power a few wins.

-         If some shmuck watching baseball on TV can see the brown substance on Jake Peavy’s hand, I have to assume the umpires did as well.  If the umpires didn’t feel like it was anything worth pursuing then why is it news?

-         I love seeing Boston as the bottom of their division.  I don’t think they’ll stay there, but for now it’s awesome to see.

-         I think we are still failing to give Greg Maddox the recognition his career deserves.

-         I think a bad year is what San Francisco deserves.  They used Barry Bonds during his chase and then removed any memory of their association with him from their ballpark.  It’s one thing to not resign him because of his play, but to complete erase him from the stadium’s history is wrong.  (I have other opinions about the Barry Bonds witch hunt as well, but let me just say this:  If the whole situation was so cut and dry, then he should have easily been caught in his lie and in jail, or it’s time to just let it go.)

-         Florida’s ability to put a competitive team on the field with such a limited budget is un-freakin-believ-able.  I wish San Antonio had been able to snatch them up a few years ago. 

-         San Antonio needs another professional sport.  As the eighth largest city in the U.S. (larger than Dallas), and the easy accessibility from Austin, using the tired cliché that there is no market for another sport is ridiculous.  The real issue is Houston and Dallas want to continue to feed off of what is a vital revenue source. As of now we have more fans in the stands on average at the AA team, San Antonio Missions, than the Marlins will for the year.

-         Tori Hunter is on a early season tear. 

-         Arizona with their young talented team may be my early favorite for the N.L.  They have a strong line-up and an outstanding pitching staff. 

-         Texas is play .500 ball.  This is actually just above normal.  It’s good to start over each year!

In The News

Bride, groom spend wedding night in jail


I have a good feeling about this marriage. 

Do you think they were given a separate cell? 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to those kind of receptions.