We'll Miss Him

Julio Franco has officially retired from baseball. The man hadn't played this year, but was able to suit up for 55 games last year. Oh did I mention he's 49 as of this year. He had a 23 year career. And the amazing thing is he is actually fitter than half the league and quicker than many others as well.
Congratulations Julio!

Captial Punishment Revisited

I'm pretty sure that I could turn my back while this grandma broke off a switch and taught this child to hate "doing bad things".

How about you?
Would a good spanking be in order here?

Tada Jada

I'm up late watching the second season of Doogie Howser M.D., and Jada Pinkett just showed up. She's in the hospital to have her leg operated on, and Ray [the former gang banger who held Doogie and Vinnie hostage in a gas station (season 1) turned hospital orderly...or course] is hitting on her.

Oh holy crap...Julius Erving just showed up in a Doogie daydream....Awesome!

She's no John Mayer....

...but ain't that cool?!

Plus I dig her name...Kaki King.