R.I.P. Bob Feller

Bob Feller died yesterday.
He was "The Heater from Van Meter."
"Bullet Bob"
"Rapid Robert"
He was a Hall of Fame pitcher for 18 years with the Cleveland Indians.  4 of those years were interrupted by his service in the Navy during WWII.
Bob Feller is the only pitcher to have ever pitch a no-hitter on opening day.  It was one of three no-hitters during his career.  And while his career ended with only 266 wins and 2,581 strikeouts, many speculate that without his military participation he would have won over 300 games and had over 3,000 strikeouts.  Sporting News once referred to his as 'the greatest pitcher of his time."
And I once met him way back in middle school.  I still have the baseball I had sign; along with Jerry Koosman.