Zachary Taylor

I know I'm video heavy lately, but please enjoy this magical treat.
My friend Zach in Harlingen made a ESPN highlight worthy basket last week. Check it out.


Here's how I knew the Giants would win...

When in doubt...hold a turtle race!

If you were an apple...

Hardcore Baptist Pick-up Lines

Some of these are pretty bad... but really funny. Enjoy.

Eat Mud

I was informed of the follow article from a friend's blog.

This is just another daily reminder of God's lavishness on my life which provides me with more comfort than I deserve. And yet at the same time it's a reminder of God's desire for me and His church to actively respresent His love which forces me out of my comfort. God's love is uncomfortably comfortable.

If I can read a article like this and feel and do nothing about it, it's as if I'm saying to these people "Eat dirt and die". That's not who I want to be.

So...thoughts before conviction...conviction into action....

My initial response I suppose is a three fold:
1. Set aside time to pray. Not just casual prayer but down on my knees engaged in spiritual struggle that is unseen.
2. Fast. I need God to speak to me from a place of hunger and desire. Maybe from a place of empathizing God can teach me the plight of the these Haitans.
3. Discuss with some friends. What would God want us to do to bring about order in the chaos of their lives? I know our church sends teams to Haiti.

Foot in Mouth Disease

Back in Week 3 I predicted the firing of Tom Coughlin, the current SuperBowl champion coach, after the 0-2 start of the Giants. Go figure.
What the hell do I do?