John Mayer Trip

Saturday began around 9:15. I rolled out of bed, showered, dressed and packed for my overnight trip to Houston. The objective was the John Mayer concert.
Taylor should up with a special surprise. Frankie was with her and they spent their morning getting engaged.
So I travel I-10 with Rachel and Jaime.
These chicks are nuts. Seriously there was a boat load of laughter on this jaunt, thank to these two ladies. I posted a couple times some updates on the travel conversations (HERE and HERE). There was additional discussions, but I like to keep this blog with a sensible rating.

Taylor and Frankie led the two vehicle caravan, newly engaged.

Brett Dennen opened the show, and I think we all agreed that he was just okay. He didn't even play the one song that some of us knew.

Colbie Caillat took the stage next...she's purrr-ty.

I think Taylor was most excited about seeing her.

Johnny Boy held the stage for about two hours. Here's the set list:
Waiting on the World to Change
Why Georgia
I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)
Bigger Than My Body
Free Falling
Good Love is On the Way
Find Another You
Stitched Up
I think this was the first Mayer concert for all of us and I can safely say that none of us were disappointed. There was some surprises about what was not included in the set, but by no means did anyone feel like something was missing either. It was a little awkward (at least for most men at the show) that John played the entire two hours without his shirt, and that the cameras continued to pan back and forth between his guitar and his face. However, the ladies loved it.
While hanging out after the show waiting for some of the crowd to dissipate we were taking photos of each other. In one I pretended to be passed out (drunk like many of the other attendees), and apparently I do a great drunk guy. Because these two drunk chicks walked by, one saying "look at this one he can't even wake up". Then she practically straddled me and attempted to wake me up.
Yep just a typical Saturday for me. I was glad others were finally able to experience it with me.

We wrapped up the evening with a visit to some all night pie place. Jaime had to walk in with only one sandal, having lost it somewhere between the pavilion and the restuarant.

I had some biscuits and gravey with hash browns. It wasn't great, but having skipped dinner I was hungry.
So there you go...I need to go to bed now...


Taylor and Frankie are engaged!
I don't know about you, but this one came straight out of left field for me.
Did anyone see this coming?