Radical Forgiveness

One of the things that I really try to live (it's hard) and what I constantly speak into the lives of the students I work is to learn to forgive.
That sounds so easy, but I know so many students and adults who are so imprisoned by the anger and bitterness of past hurts.
- someone posted hurtful lies about them on the internet
- their dad wasn't the best dad
- their boyfriend decided to break up with them
- a friend owes another some money and is struggling to pay it back
- a couple experiences a divorce
- a business plan fall apart
I know when I haven't let something go, how it consumes my time and floods my thoughts, and drains my energy and steals my joy. And nowhere in the midst of that is there the joy of the Lord.
I saw this video a while back and it seems to be a great example of what it means to practice radical forgiveness. Forgiveness that goes out of the way to explain and demonstrate that love conquers all.
I think I better make some phone call tomorrow.

A little background: A church plant, called Kinetic Church, had a large trailer with much of their weekend service materials stolen. The church and it's pastor rented billboards all across the city in order for whoever stole the trailer to see this video:

What tells me even more that our world is in need of of absolute forgiveness is how some responded to this video, questioning if it was the right decision.
What would happen if extreme forgiveness became the norm for Christians and not the occasional?

This Sucks

So I drive a small affordable Kia Sportage. Four doors, decent gas mileage. It's not my dream vehicle (I love the Honda Elements...I know...practical), but it works. A couple of years ago I was involved in a small fender bender, where the other car gained a few scratches while I had my bumper ripped off by his rear license plate.
A repair shop was able to replace it and make it look all new. Yeah.
Then tonight I was driving home, or rather from work to my community group when suddenly there was some very strong vibrations from the car. Because of construction I could not immediately pull over so I began coasting to the next exit. Right before I reached the exit, BOOM, slappity, slappity, slap slap. I applied the brakes and came to a halt right as the mouth of the exit ramp. A couple deep breaths to calm myself down only made me painfully aware of the exploded rubber smell below my driver side window. I carefully hopped out and here is what I saw.The tread on my tires had come apart and began slapping around my wheel well like a crack head woman.
I carefully changed my tire by leaning over the front hood, cars zooming past narrowly avoiding me.
This weeks been kind of crappy and this is a great way to cap it off, except that there is still Friday and Saturday to go. Lord help me.