a great ending

Recently I was thinking about great movie endings. Not necessarily surprise endings, but just classic endings. Here was my list in no particular order...
- Memento
- The Empire Strikes Back
- Citizen Kane
- the original Night of the Living Dead
- Dr. Strangelove
- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
- The Karate Kid
- Se7en
- The Devil's Advocate
- Sixth Sense
- American History X
- Dead Poets Society
- The Great White Hope (from 1996 always makes me laugh)
- Arlington Road (some of the most tense moments in movies)
- Raiders of the Lost Ark (storing the ark in the warehouse)
- Cast Away (which direction did he choose?)
- Primal Fear (Ed Norton was brilliant!)
- Hero
- Rudy and Rocky (classic underdog...neither "succeed" but both triumph)
- Field of Dreams (he built it, he came, they came...)
- The Natural (baseball is not just a game)
- Glory
- The 40 Year-Old Virgin (singing Age of Aquarius)
- Once (i hated it, but loved it, the right ending)

I sure there are probably hundreds more, what you add to the list?