I thought I'd start posting some photos of the children I get to see and interact with everyday. It's less than a year until the US Air Force officially closes down the facility where I am currently employed, so these opportunities are fleeting fast.
This is Sean. Or Seany-Boy! Sean is a little smaller than the rest of the two year olds he spends his day with, but he may be twice as cute.

At the end of the day when Sean heads home with his mom he throws up two fingers and says "Peace". I love that moment of my day.

Do You Think It's True?

Joaquin Phoenix Shocks With Retirement Announcement

Space Camp
The Village
Hotel Rwanda
Ladder 49
Walk the Line
We Own the Night

What's your favorite Joaquin Phoenix film?


Well I said the Rays would win in 6. Boy was I wrong. They just never got those bats going and for a team that was relying on the long ball...well...that's not a good thing.
As a Ranger and Astro's fan I think a drought would be awesome. A drought implies that at one time you actually won. And since neither of my two teams ever has...well...just wait until next year!

(remember when "Lights Out" Lidge was an Astro?)

Congrats to those boys from Philly!