Brain Farts

Lately I have been incredibly scatter-brained. 

I just reread my last post and realized I didn’t finishing typing the late couple sentences.  I started them, just didn’t finish them.  Which should tell you something; I stopped writing one sentence in midsentence in order to begin the next.

Also, I sent a Twitter tweet recently that wasn’t supposed to be a tweet.  Tweet or not, it made no sense in the context I sent it and honestly was a completely random thought that somehow made it too my thumbs.  I still feel stupid and embarrassed over that incident.

I’ve walked into rooms over the weekend and stopped abruptly because I didn’t know where I was or what I was going in to the room for anyway.

Today I was on my lunch break and I was going to read from a library book (Pygmy by Chuck Palahnuik), and I did read one page, but then I woke from a daydream and realized my entire lunch break was over.  And the sad thing: I don’t remember what I was daydreaming about.


And to make matters even worse, I started typing this post about a hour ago but I got side-tracked (about two sentences ago) and just realized I hadn’t finished it.