Creative Christmas

Granger Community Church created this promo for their Christmas series. I love it. I can't wait to watch these online.

How cool does Cate Blanchett look as Bob Dylan in the up-coming bio-pic I'm Not There?
I'm on the verge of saying she's the greatest actor, not just of our time, but ever.
There I said it...on the verge.


This story makes me incredibly sad.
Three boys, 8 and 9, charged with raping 11 year-old girl
I'm sure as time passes and details come there might be some commentary on this, but for now there is nothing good in this story.

It's Coming...

Listen to some of the album at Steven's myspace.

Check out this video of "Ruin of the Beast"

The Science Behind It...

Faith and Science have been in the news lately.

First: (click HERE for story)
An astronomer from the University of Memphis, named Gerrit Verschuur, has a theory that would complete with fairly recent studies that were supposed to solidify the Big Bang theory. It deals with hydrogen gases and cosmic seeds. I'm not scientificly gifted so maybe you can think this through better than me, but it seemed significant.

Second: (click HERE for story)
Apparently a student from Oregon State named Bobby Henderson created the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a satirical psuedo-diety. The FSM is growing in pop culture fame and challenges the faith behind the creationist theory. It's actually a great argument. Check it out.

Happy Slaps-giving!

I just watched last week's How I Met Your Mother. A couple of thoughts:

1. I'm still not sure what Canadians celebrate on their Thanksgiving.

2. I've never been slapped on my face in my life nor slapped anyone (not very manly), but for some reason really wonder what that's like. I'm thinking of making a slaps bet with someone.

3. 41 still seems old, so that makes me feel young.


4. I want to say "Sugar me baby" sometime. Next date, good or bad (I'm sure if I say this it'll be bad, but totally worth it).

Pure Awesome-ness!

How incredibly cool are these backpacks? I seriously think I might have to buy one of these. I'm leaning towards the Yoda, because it allows one to reminisce about The Empire Strikes Back, whereas I can't recall any of the Star Wars movies where Chewbacca rode around on some one's back.