NFL Week 3 Picks - Wrap Up

End of Week 3 thoughts:

·         If this trend continues I will most likely pick 12 out of every 16 games correctly.  That’s a 75% accuracy rating.

·         I was pleasantly surprised with the play of the 49ers.  While I did expect the Vikings to win I certainly wasn’t happy with the heartbreaking last second TD by Brett Favre.  My personal season goal for the Niners was to go at least 8-8.  I think this team may actually be better than that.

·         The play by Kolb in Philadelphia makes you wonder why they went after Michael Vick and Jeff Garcia.  It seems that they should have had more confidence in a guy they drafted much earlier than anyone expected him to be drafted.

·         Denver is a surprising 3-0 team.  Next week they play the Cowboys who I’ve never been entirely confident it.  Denver could go 4-0?

·         The Giants shut out Tampa Bay.  I still think Baltimore is the best team in the NFL right now, but more and more I’m impressed with New York’s ability to figure out the win.

·         The Jets are the big surprise team so far this year, but I’m actually more impressed and surprised by the Giants who have somehow figured out the best way to use all their pieces to get the win.  Do these two teams play each other this year?

·         There are five 0-3 teams left (Chiefs, Browns, Titans, Rams and Panthers).  The Rams, although they won a game last year, were actually worse than Detroit (which finally ended their 19 game losing streak this week) and it shows.  The Titans are the only team I see being able to maybe turn things around and still make something out of this season…if they win in week 4.

·         Why did Carolina get Jeff Garcia?  Delhomme looked bad for the third week in a row.

·         Romo didn’t throw any interceptions last night, but he didn’t throw any TDs either.  Week 1 Romo had a great game against a bad Tampa Bay team.  Week 2 Romo was roughed up by a good Giants team.  Week 3 Romo was a non-factor against a bad Panthers team.  And Jerry Jones is still saying he believes Romo can win them a Super Bowl.  I hate the Cowboys so personally I’m glad they are keeping him.


Cleveland at Baltimore = Baltimore

New York Giants at Tampa Bay = New York Giants

Jacksonville at Houston = Houston

Atlanta at New England = New England

Green Bay at St. Louis = Green Bay

Kansas City at Philadelphia = Philadelphia

Washington at Detroit = Detroit

San Francisco at Minnesota = Minnesota

Tennessee at New York Jets = Tennessee

New Orleans at Buffalo = New Orleans

Chicago at Seattle = Chicago

Miami at San Diego = San Diego

Denver at Oakland = Denver

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati = Pittsburgh

Indianapolis at Arizona = Arizona

Carolina at Dallas = Dallas


Last Week  12 - 4

Season (as of last week)  24 – 8


This Week  12 - 4

Season 36-12