Venn Diagram: Meaning of a Story/Poem

I struggled with English classes in high school.  I also struggled with writing classes (which you probably guessed if you read my last few blog posts).  But I could never understand why the teacher would ask me what the author was trying to say.  How was I supposed to know those random poets and obscure short story authors were trying to say?  I always felt that those teachers were just making stuff up.


Video: Breakdancing

'Cause I'm known for my rhythm and grace I've practicing my dance moves lately.  Specifically I've been using this video to help me with my pop n' lock:


Photo: Bugged Out

This photo just makes simply make me happy.


Video: SMS

Okay, so this video has been out for a little while now, but I wanted to mention a couple things.
1.  The video was recently highlighted by Yahoo (here).
2.  Watch the piano in the background.  It's playing along to the music.


I Suppose...

I suppose if I am going to be murdered someday I should have a killer soundtrack (pardon the pun) playing as I depart life.  If anyone finds this album on CD, please let me know.
Here are the songs on the album:
1.  Music To Be Murdered By - Jeff Alexander
2.  I'll Never Smile Again - Jeff Alexander
3.  I Don't Stand A Ghost of a Chance With You - Jeff Alexander
4.  After You've Gone - Jeff Alexander
5.  Alfred Hitchcock TV Theme - Jeff Alexander
6.  Suspicion - Jeff Alexander
7.  Body and Soul - Jeff Alexander
8.  Lover Come Back To Me - Jeff Alexander
9.  I'll Walk Alone - Jeff Alexander
10.  The Hour of Parting - Jeff Alexander
11.  Look For A Star - Muir Mathieson
12.  Thunderer - Muir Mathieson
13.  Russian Dance - Muir Mathieson
14.  Waltz - Muir Mathieson
15.  Stillness - Muir Mathieson
16.  Circus Mystery - Muir Mathieson
17.  Circus of Horrors - Muir Mathieson
18.  Look For A Star - Muir Mathieson
19.  Circus Nocturne - Muir Mathieson
20.  The Kill - Muir Mathieson


Video: Thriller Lights

This is both ridiculous and awesome at the same time.  And I'm not talking about the fact that this guy has three garages and a car port to the side of the house.

Also This Is Halloween by Marilyn Manson, Haunted Mansion from the Disney movie & Monster Mash.