NFL Week 4 Picks - Wrap Up

I was trying a different format for my picks and reviews this week. I hope it was helpful.

I’d love to hear any of your NFL thoughts. Please feel free to comment.

I love to talk sports, however, I’m aware that not everyone (anyone?) who reads this blog cares what my thoughts on the NFL are. Which is completely understandable.

Detroit @ Chicago = Chicago

I’m not surprised by the Chicago win. Just surprised by the 48 points they threw up. Cutler is turning out to be a great fit for this team.

Cincinnati @ Cleveland = Cincinnati

Why do I care nothing about either of these teams? Cincinnati is 3-1, but I don’t think they’ll be a playoff team. Sure I follow the soap opera that is the Cleveland QB debate. But really I don’t care about either of these teams. And I doubt many in Ohio do either, they’re content with their OSU Buckeyes.

Dallas @ Denver = Denver

Dallas. I told you. Romo is not an elite QB, he never was, and despite occasional games with big passing numbers this will never be the guy who returns the Cowboys to their former glory. Every Dallas fan owes and apology to Jessica Simpson and Terrell Owens, because the days of making up excuses for Romo’s bad play has got to come to an end. However, as a Dallas-hater, I will say that I don’t mind their current downturn in the least.

Denver. 4-0. Really? Sure their schedule has been light, but this team has a great defense, only giving up 26 (7, 6, 3 & 10) points in four games. But with the next four games against New England, San Diego, Baltimore and Pittsburgh undefeated could quickly become .500 ball. Although I think they’ll have a shot a squeaking out a win in one of those games.

Seattle @ Indianapolis = Indianapolis

Manning is rolling. Seriously, this guy on bad weeks doesn’t look that bad. Sure Seattle isn’t a great team, maybe not even a good team after some of their injuries, but this game was over by halftime.

New York Giants @ Kansas City = New York Giants

Manning is rolling. Wait…er…I know I just said that, but that’s right. The Manning boys are really good. I would take note that KC did put up 16 point. And Eli getting injured could be a major blow to this team.

Buffalo @ Miami = Buffalo

Buffalo is just not getting things going. I’d look for Dick Jauron’s tenure to end soon.

Baltimore @ New England = Baltimore

You hate to see a game being discussed for its questionable penalties than it’s great play, but that’s exactly what’s happening with this game. Two roughing-the-passer calls lead to TD drives. The Tom Brady rule strikes again. I think these two teams will get another shot at each other in the playoffs.

New York Jets @ New Orleans = New Orleans

Brees’ second game in a row without a TD pass has to be of some concern, but the Saints keep on marching. Sanchez showed some real rookie flaws in this game. I think he’ll definitely learn from them. But he will have another two or three games like this one this season.

San Diego @ Pittsburgh = Pittsburgh

Even though San Diego kept fighting back into this game, you never really thought the Steelers were going to lose. Because if you don’t play defense you don’t win. And San Diego could not stop Pittsburgh’s offense. Mendenhall looked good in this game for Pittsburgh. 29 touches for 165 yards and 2 TDs. That’s stepping up.

St. Louis @ San Francisco = San Francisco

San Fran is developing into another Baltimore type team. A dominating defense with a offense that turns out some solid play. St. Louis is an awful team that’s biggest concern right now is drafting McCoy or Bradford as the number one overall pick in next year’s draft.

Tampa Bay @ Washington = Washington

Two bad teams = who cares.

Tennessee @ Jacksonville = Tennessee

Wow! Tennessee needs to start looking towards next year because this season is over. And with the season being over they may want to consider re-starting Vince Young. He is the future of the franchise.

Oakland @ Houston = Houston

Oakland had just two field goals. They are a bad, bad, bad team. Is JaMarcus Russell trying to having a worse NFL career than Ryan Leaf? I didn’t think it was possible, but it may be.

Green Bay @ Minnesota = Minnesota

Favre looked good last night against his former team. I have two questions: Does the Green Bay organization allow Favre to retire as a Packer? And with Favre throwing 3 TDs is he the face of this team over Adrian Peterson, and will that become an issue during the season? Winning cures everything. So when Brett has his 3 pick game (and Brett will have a 3 pick game) resulting in a loss what happens to the makeup of this team?

Still undefeated teams: New Orleans, Denver, Indianapolis, Minnesota and New York Giants

As of this week I’m thinking the last undefeated team will be the winner of the Giants/Saints game in two weeks on Oct. 18. A game I currently think NO will win, as they have a bye week next week, and because it’s in New Orleans.

Still winless teams: Cleveland, Tennessee, Kansas City, Tampa Bay and St. Louis, and Carolina

I think the last team to finally put up a win should be St. Louis. I’ve said it before, but St. Louis is a worse team than last year’s 0-16 Lions. I wouldn’t be surprised in the St. Louis goes 0-16 this season.

Last Week 12 - 4

Season (as of last week) 36-12


This Week 11-3

Season 47-15