Sermons I've Recently Listened To...

Series – IT … (Southland Christian Church)

Jon Weece – IT Happened once…IT will happen again

Jon Weece – IT is Love and Love is IT

Jon Weece – Whatever IT takes

Jon Weece – You’re IT

Lee Strobel – Share IT


Series – Jonah: A Roundabout Journey … (Real Life Church)

Rusty George – On the Run

Rusty George – In Too Deep

Rusty George – Never Too Late

Rusty George – Offended by Grace


Series – The Kingdom is Surprisingly … (Ozark Christian College)

Kenny Boles – The Kingdom is Surprisingly Productive

Matt Proctor – The Kingdom is Surprisingly Big

Mark Scott – The Kingdom is Surprisingly Valuable

Dave Smith – The Kingdom is Surprisingly Gracious

Chad Ragsdale – The Kingdom is Surprisingly Messy


Series – Q3 … (Northpointe Church)

Andy Stanley – Ask Big

Andy Stanley – Doing Life

Andy Stanley – Going Long


Series – Bigger Than You … (Oak Hills Church)

Max Lucado – Week 1: Tri-focal Vision (Acts 1)

Max Lucado – Week 2: Get in the Middle of Something and Pray (Acts 2:1-21)

Max Lucado – Week 3: Don’t Forget the Bread (Acts 2:22-41)


Series – Still Amazaed … (2009 North American Christian Convention)

Jeff Stone – Grace that Amazes

Rick Rusaw, Chuck Booher, Dr, David Holmes – Grace that Feels

David Clark – Grace that Heals

Dudley Rutherford, Dave Bycroft, Rick Stedman – Grace that Shares

Matt Proctor – Grace that Empowers

Max Lucado – Grace that Transforms The 3:16ed Life


Series – Crying for the Lost … (Shepherd of the Hills Church)

Matt Proctor – Yield Vessels

Aaron Brocket – Intentional

Rick Kyle – No Excuses

Dudley Rutherford – Go! Into All the World


Matt Proctor - Patience

Various (MC- Mark Moore) – Gaining Wisdom