I thought I'd start posting some photos of the children I get to see and interact with everyday. It's less than a year until the US Air Force officially closes down the facility where I am currently employed, so these opportunities are fleeting fast.
This is Sean. Or Seany-Boy! Sean is a little smaller than the rest of the two year olds he spends his day with, but he may be twice as cute.

At the end of the day when Sean heads home with his mom he throws up two fingers and says "Peace". I love that moment of my day.

Do You Think It's True?

Joaquin Phoenix Shocks With Retirement Announcement

Space Camp
The Village
Hotel Rwanda
Ladder 49
Walk the Line
We Own the Night

What's your favorite Joaquin Phoenix film?


Well I said the Rays would win in 6. Boy was I wrong. They just never got those bats going and for a team that was relying on the long ball...well...that's not a good thing.
As a Ranger and Astro's fan I think a drought would be awesome. A drought implies that at one time you actually won. And since neither of my two teams ever has...well...just wait until next year!

(remember when "Lights Out" Lidge was an Astro?)

Congrats to those boys from Philly!



I heard a lady recently speaking ill of the jean shorts.  I honestly don’t have any myself…um…anymore that is, it’s been a few years.  But my first reaction was, “What’s wrong with jean shorts?”  Of course I asked this to myself since I try to avoid saying stupid things, and assumed that this would be a stupid question.  And contrary to just about every teacher I ever had, there is such a thing as a stupid question.

Well, thanks to my friend Jon, I recently found this website: Jorts.

Oooooh…now I understand. 


No more jean shorts…check!


Have You Seen This?

I know I post a lot of videos, but this may be my favorite so far.

View so more hilarious Never Do This Videos HERE...


NFL Picks

These are El Guapo's (the new roommate) and my NFL picks for tomorrow. All the games in RED are the ones we don't agree on and will determine who was the more savy NFL picker of the week.

Tampa Bay at Dallas
Trevor: Dallas
El Guapo: Tampa Bay
Buffalo at Miami
Trevor: Buffalo
El Guapo: Buffalo
St. Louis at New England
Trevor: New England
El Guapo:New England
San Diego at New Orleans
Trevor: New Orleans
El Guapo: San Diego
Kansas City at NY Jets
Trevor: NY Jets
El Guapo: NY Jets
Atlanta at Philadelphia
Trevor: Atlanta
El Guapo: Philadelphia

Oakland at Baltimore
Trevor: Baltimore
El Guapo: Baltimore

Arizona at Carolina
Trevor: Carolina
El Guapo: Carolina

Cleveland at Jacksonville
Trevor: Jacksonville
El Guapo: Jacksonville

Cincinnati at Houston
Trevor: Houston
El Guapo: Houston

NY Giants at Pittsburgh
Trevor: Pittsburgh
El Guapo: Pittsburgh

Seattle at San Francisco
Trevor: San Francisco
El Guapo: Seattle

the Monday Night game

Indianapolis at Tennessee
Trevor: Tennessee
El Guapo: Tennessee


Book Review: The Encore Effect

I received this book recently. It's a small "motivational" type book (come on...someone's given you a book like this) and it's pretty good.

Whether you want to win that new account or inspire your family and friends, bestselling author and acclaimed speaker Mark Sanborn shows us how to make every performance count.Every day, we are called to perform— at work, at home, in our communities. But is it possible to make every performance outstanding, the kind that leaves people applauding for an encore?
Mark Sanborn, leadership expert and bestselling author of The Fred Factor, says that anyone can achieve remarkable performance time after time—no matter what their personality, strengths, or weaknesses. In The Encore Effect Sanborn demonstrates, through his own experiences as well as those of the people he’s worked with in his career, how you can cultivate the traits shared by remarkable performers and achieve extraordinary results in all aspects of your life. The secrets lie in five steps:
Passion: The fuel for remarkable performance
Prepare: How remarkable performance begins
Practice: It won’t make you perfect, but it will make you better
Perform: How to engage your audience
Polish: Making your performance shine
Whether your “stage” is an office, a sales floor, the boardroom, or your own home, Sanborn’s sound advice and rousing encouragement will help you shine in every situation where it matters most.

Buy it HERE.


Book Review: The Shape of Mercy

Got this free book in the mail and passed it on to my mom. She quickly read it, but I forgot to post her review. Because I want the books to keep on coming, so please indulge this quick summary by my mother. Thanks mom.

The Shape of Mercy
by Susan Meissner

I thought this book was great. It began in a mysterious subtle way to capture this reader’s curiosity, which only made me want to keep reading. The story was captivating, enough so that I now want to read more about the events surrounding the Salem witch trials.
The story line certainly had the main character questioning her own life, character and personality, as well as the reader. Certainly left the question in my mind of “what would I have done?”
The book is an easy read, but left me wanting to learn and research more about this tragic time in Salem’s history.

Reluctant heiress Lauren Durough takes a part-time job to prove to herself she is more than a rich girl who’s been handed everything. She becomes the literary assistant to Abigail Boyles, an 83-year-old retired librarian who tasks Lauren with transcribing a diary that had belonged to Abigail’s ancestor Mercy Hayworth, a victim of the Salem witch trials.
Lauren finds herself drawn to this girl who lived and died four centuries ago. As the fervor around the witch accusations increases, Mercy becomes trapped in the worldview of the day; unable to fight the overwhelming influence of snap judgments and superstition, and Lauren realizes that the secrets of Mercy’s story extend beyond the pages of her diary, living on in the mysterious, embittered Abigail.
The strength of her affinity with Mercy forces Lauren to take a startling new look at her own life, including her relationships with Abigail, her college roommate, and a young man named Raul. But on the way to the truth, will Lauren find herself playing the helpless defendant or the misguided judge? Can she break free from her own perceptions and see who she really is?

#800 - - Quote

‘profound music leads us - beyond languange - to the dark roots of our scream and the celestial heights of our silence’

- Cornel West
The Cornel West Reader


World Series

Prediction: Rays in 6 games



Create the Scenario

Yesterday Tiger Woods served as 59 year-old John Abel’s caddie at Torrey Pines.  It was only four months ago that Tiger limped around the course to defeat Rocco Mediate in a 19 hole playoff.  

It was this story that lead Dan Patrick, on his radio show, to suggest the question: what would your dream sports scenario be?

With the question he offered the following online poll:

·         Play a round of golf with Tiger Woods

·         Play H-O-R-S-E with Michael Jordan

·         Catch passes from Joe Montana

·         Pitch to Barry Bonds


All those are great!

I would add getting some at bat against (in this order) Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, or Randy Johnson.


What scenario would you relish an opportunity to face?


Rattlesnake Bite

These are some nasty photos. I don't even want to post them on here, as I don't make it a goal to have people throw up when reading this blog. But if you were ever curious as to how dangerous a rattlesnake bit is...Click on the photo to link to the site...

Sermons I've Listened to This Week

Kyle Idleman

            A Table for Eight Click HERE

          This is a great message on the hope of heaven.

Kyle Idleman

            Rules for the Church Click HERE

Kyle Idleman

          The Journey to Deep (A Study of 1 Corinthians): From Division to Unity Click HERE

Kyle Idleman

          The Journey to Deep (A Study of 1 Corinthians): From Compromise to Commitment Click HERE

Dave Stone

            The Journey to Deep (A Study of 1 Corinthians): From Legalism to Liberty Click HERE

Kenny Boles

            The Shaping of a Leader: Worship Click HERE

Terry Bowland

          The Shaping of a Leader: Service Click HERE

Mark Scott

          The Shaping of a Leader: Study Click HERE

Damien Spikereit

Google Earth: Finding God Wherever You Are: On the Mountain (God's Presence) Click HERE

Chad Ragsdale

            Google Earth: Finding God Wherever You Are: In the Wilderness (God's Provision) Click HERE

Doug Welch

Google Earth: Finding God Wherever You Are: In the Sea (God's Power) Click HERE

Mark Moore

            Our God is Coming…Tremble (Isa. 40) Click HERE

          When Mark speaks…I listen

Mike Baker

Grace Reigns (Roman 5:21) Click HERE

J.K. Jones

God’s Creative Redemption (Romans 4:1-25) Click HERE

J.K. Jones

            A Royal Waste of Time Click HERE

          The last bit of the sermon gets cut off, unfortunately that was the most important part

J.K. Jones

            Toward Sexual Immorality Click HERE

Mike Breaux

            Forming an Unnatural Community Click HERE

Jeff Snell

            Forming Integrity Under Attack Click HERE

          He’s a BIG God, with BIG plans, to accomplish BIG purposes.

Danny Schaffner

            Forming a Dynamic Community Click HERE

          Do you love the church?

Mark Buchanan

            Your Kingdom Come: The Kingdom is Within You Click HERE

          The Kingdom of God is within us, that when lived out transforms us into agents of change.

          Luke 17.

Mark Buchanan

            Your Kingdom Come: The Kingdom is at Hand Click HERE

          Mark 1:14-15

Mark Buchanan

            Your Kingdom Come: Seek the Kingdom Click HERE

          Matthew 6

And of course Randy Frazee’s, senior pastor of Oak Hills Church (of which Journey Fellowship is a satellite), has been preaching through The Story…Click HERE


Have you listened to a great sermon recently?

Or is there a preacher that you especially enjoy listening to? 

Share those sermons and preachers with us by leaving a comment.


Video of the Day

Yep, still not much on my mind...enjoy the video

Is anyone craving this for a Christmas present? Cause I got a book light on the way that I can give away...
That's a joke.

Contest: Ressurection Letters

I received in the mail today two copies of Andrew Peterson's latest album, Ressurection Letters Vol. II.
Read a review HERE.
You can buy it HERE.
You can listen to it HERE.
But if you would like a free copy (I bought one and got on free) I will give you my extra copy.
All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me what you favorite Andrew Peterson song is and why.
Me and a undisclosed friend will judge your submissions. The winner receives the disc. It's that easy!
So far only one person has responded to this contest. Don't wait. The deadline will be Monday!


Danza is Awesome!

I haven't had much on my mind lately, so here's another video!


Everybody Dance Now!

Have you seen this? Apparently at the Air Force Academy one student decided to set up a hidden camera and catch his roommate dancing while he is out. Well...this white boy can dance.


This is a great video. I saw it this past weekend. It speaks both to our destinies and the dedication it takes to achieve our goals.
Actually it might be an interest discussion starter.
Maybe a discussion on our choices and our God's sovereignty.
How much of where and who we are in life is because of God's predetermination or the decisions we make?


This is a cool video:

I suppose I'm still holding out hope that someday I'll be able to make a proposal. I figure I'll need at least 4 to 9 good proposal ideas in my life. So I'm always trying to collect some good ones. I think this is kinda cool, but what happens if the ring somehow drops...plus I don't plan on proposing to a gal I just woke up with. Call my old fashion, but I think that should happen a little later on...


Quote - C.S. Lewis

"Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it."

- C.S. Lewis




How do you feel about the pictures taken of you? Need some help? Read through these..
If I was making the list I would have added "don't take your own photo in the mirror for your Facebook profile"...but to each their own...

1. Dress Nice
If you know you’re going to be photographed, don’t wear horizontal stripes or crazy patterns. Opt for neutral colors over bright ones unless you are one hundred percent certain that color looks great on you.
2. Check the Mirror
Do a last-minute check of your face: cover up any pimples, put drops in your eyes if they’re red, and make sure you don’t have food in your teeth.
3. Don’t Shine
If you’ve been sweating or if your face is greasy, make sure to wipe your face. Use oil-blotting papers if you wear makeup, or blot with a slightly damp paper towel.
In a pinch, wipe your face with your sleeve before venturing in front of the camera.
4. Stand Up Right
Slouching makes you look nonchalant, but it also makes you look short and/or dumpy.
Place one foot behind the other, and lean back just a little bit. You’ll still look relaxed, but you’ll also look tall.
5. Twist It Up
Stand facing slightly away from the camera, then twist at the waist to face the camera. Make it subtle- if you overdo it you’ll look like a stray from a beauty pageant.

Read next 5 get even more helpful...check them out HERE...

If You're Anything Like Me...

you really want this...

You can buy it HERE...

Quote - Mark Driscoll

"The curious paradox of the atoning death of a bloody Jesus rising above the plane of human history with a mocking crown of thorns is that he is offensive in an attractive way. It is the utter horror of the cross that cuts through the chatter, noise, and nonsense of our day to rivet our attention, shut our mouths, and compel us to listen to an impassioned dying man who is crying out for the forgiveness of our sins and to ask why he suffered. Tragically, if we lose the offense of the cross, we also lose the attraction of the cross so that no one is compelled to look at Jesus. Therefore, Jesus does not need a marketing firm or a makeover as much as a prophet to preach the horror of the cross unashamedly."

- Mark Driscoll



Quote - G. K. Chesterton

"Every man who knocks on the door of a brothel is looking for God."

-G. K. Chesterton


Book Review: Churched

I've gotten myself in a situation where I get to receive free books with the promise of a review on this here blog. Many times I can't read them fast enough to get them up in time for the blog tours. I blame my dyslexia.
But this time I made it. Allow me to recommend Churched by Matthew Paul Turner.

Here's the description: Churched is the compelling narrative of life inside the walls of the local church (building) and what it means to "be" churched, relevant to any and all who are familiar with the evangelical culture, either through first-person experience, or through association with close family or friends, or simply by peering curiously at churchgoers. Matthew Paul Turner's story is one of a regular American kid growing up in the late seventies and early eighties in a small town. He attended church on Sundays and had to cut the grass every Friday afternoon. His voice will resonate with fans of writers like Anne Lamott, Donald Miller, or David Sedaris, who may not relate to exact demographical upbringing, but connect with the writing because of the candid humanity, the wit, and the compelling storytelling. Readers will easily identify with the relationship dynamics between Matthew and his loving-but-firm parents, dogmatic teachers, fear-inspiring, passionate pastor, and supportive, if sometimes misguided, friends. Gen X readers will also connect with the musings and misadventures of a pop culture-loving, music-appreciating boy trying to grow up in the eighties, in a home where even contemporary Christian music was proclaimed to be "of the Devil."
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and think you will too. Through a narrative format Turner presents his childhood upbring and struggles with aspects of the fundamental church. It is both humurous and thought provoking. While I didn't have the church experience he had I found myself caught up and completely invested in the stories that he told.

You can purchase it HERE.

Best Burger Ever?

I'm sure that this would kill me, but for some reason I really want to try it! I'm think that a Grilled Cheese Burger party is in order.

If you would like to make me one of these HERE is the recipe.


In The News: Full Moon

Teens charged after alleged mooning
Wow! These boys now have some explaining to do on every job and college application for the rest of their lives.

And even after an apology (and I suspect that after a police escort their apologies were probably genuine) the women continued to ask for criminal charges.

There is something here about the ease at which our culture is offended. And yet the ease at what does not offend us as well.

Also there must be something there as to what happens when we fail to forgive. Not only can we harm those who we hold forgiveness from, but I imagine after the students of that school have tee-peed these women’s homes for the rest of the school year, that they see how it’s harmed them as well.

Book Review (Guest Reviewer)

I receive books time to time from a publishing company, with the stipulation that I read them and post a review here. Well I think it's cool to pass these around and allow others to read them and offer a guest review.
This review comes courtesy of Rhonda.
Rhonda recently returned to San Antonio and began attending a my church and the small group I attend. She is passionate about being a redeemer in regards to the rampent enslavement of women in the global sex trade.
This book was timely for her. Here's her review:

You must be emotionally prepared to take in the depth of truth in The Road of Lost Innocence by Somaly Mam. Although Mam is not a trained speaker or author, as she admits in the book, her transparency will pierce your heart and will change your life forever.
Because of Mam's heart and passion for those sold into sexual slavery in Cambodia and surrounding areas, you can easily forgive her lack of eloquence in describing the the horrible condition the Cambodians find themselves in.
I have found through my work with Hope for the Sex Trafficked, stopsextrafficking.com, that the majority of people are completely ignorant as to what really occurs in the darkness of the night in brothels and in the world of sex trafficking. This book reveals the painful truth of what a prostitute really is, of what a man is capable of doing to a child and that each individual can give hope if they just try.
If you are willing to hear Mam's graphic story, be prepared for your stereotypical views to be shattered. Be prepared for her frankness, the nightmare that she lived, and the hope she shares today to turn you around and cause you to see man in a very different light.

Oh if you are interested in Rhonda's work, click here: Hope for the Sex Trafficked


'Cause it Sounds Better

I wish the US money had a cooler nickname like the British quid. Maybe after our financial structure collapses and something completely new must be created we can work on that.
Got any suggestions?

I Need This!!

Please feel free to buy me one. Or make one if that's your skill.


Wedding Invitation

I got a wedding invitation from a college friend of mine today.  Which is awesome and I am honestly really excited for him, so don’t take the rest of this post as anything other than my sense of humor.

In the invitation he writes:

"Hey everyone!  I'm getting married to the love of my life, (named removed), and everyone is welcome to come!  I know some of you won't be able to make it, but I wanted you to know anyway.  God bless!”

Seriously this a great man.  A solid man of integrity and wisdom.  But I had to laugh at the phrase, “…getting married to the love of my life…”

I’m trying to imagine a different scenario.

“Hey everyone!  I’m getting married.  Not the to the love of my life, but she’ll do.  Quite frankly I’ve decided to just settle seeing as it’s taken this long to find someone even worth settling for.  But I would really like you celebrate this union.  I am going to make an honest go of it and will need you as a reminder that I’m choosing to love this girl.  I know that some of you can’t make it, so just mail your gift in.  We are registered at Best Buy, Sharper Image and Spencer’s Gifts.”

What do you think?