In The News: Full Moon

Teens charged after alleged mooning
Wow! These boys now have some explaining to do on every job and college application for the rest of their lives.

And even after an apology (and I suspect that after a police escort their apologies were probably genuine) the women continued to ask for criminal charges.

There is something here about the ease at which our culture is offended. And yet the ease at what does not offend us as well.

Also there must be something there as to what happens when we fail to forgive. Not only can we harm those who we hold forgiveness from, but I imagine after the students of that school have tee-peed these women’s homes for the rest of the school year, that they see how it’s harmed them as well.

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Julie Hibbard said...

Life is so long. SO long. And, the longer you hold on to a grudge OR look for things to hold against people OR the more you ALLOW yourself to be easily offended...man, life is long.
I have learned to let go, to laugh, to accept appologies and--more than that--to forgive myself...
Life is so long.