Flickr Fascination

One of my favorite websites is Flickr.com. Unfortunately it is through Yahoo and not Google, but sometimes you have to make concessions. But some people have an amazing talent with camera and photo programs. I really want to build photograph as a hobby, but I struggle remembering to snap the camera. But I can literally spend hours parusing people porfolios and admiring their work.

Here are a few photos that I really enjoy:
If you have a Flickr account let me know so I can check out your work.

Instruction: A Follow Up

I learned tonight that the break out session that I was supposed to teach this coming Sunday is actually a main session. In addition the main session material I'm to create the break out discussion questions as well.
No I didn't hear things wrong at the beginning. This was all sprung on me tonight.
Looks like I have some work to do this weekend.
Pray for me.

I'm thinking of opening with this; "Parent's, in this session I'm going to tell you how to better love your children, since you haven't done a good job so far."

Gots a nice ring to it...eh?

Engagement: A Follow Up

So this past weekend my sister and her fiance came and had lunch and spent the day with my parents. Apparently my parents were able to help guide them to, my opinion, a wiser decision of a longer engagement.
I believe the wedding date is now in the spring. And the Marine commitment by the fiance is a not yet a commitment and has some clearer and better circumstances surrounding it.
So I think I said this before, my only problem now is that I have had a chance to meet the young lad.
Oh, that and my sister still hasn't told me yet. Yep I may officially be last on her list of people to tell. I thought we were closer than this.
What do you do?


By way of Brain Seay's blog, A Simple Journey, I read a hilarious post entitled "Why I Am Not Emergent." As emergent continues to become a buzzword we'll see it stray from its roots and become a trend.
Read the post for yourself. But a couple of his points are:
1) I can't afford the clothing
5) ECM people eat their young.