NFL Week 2 Picks

This is a difficult week for making picks. Largely because there was several week 1 surprises and we just don't have a real clear picture at who some of these teams are this year.
For instances Oakland is at Kansas City this week. Generally I want to select the home team in this rivalry if there isn't any clear dominate team. But Oakland did play well this past week against San Diego, despite their loss. But was that just a week 1 fluke?
Anyways. Below are my week 2 picks.
Please feel free to comment and share yours.

Houston at Tennessee = Tennessee
New Orleans at Philadelphia = New Orleans
Arizona at Jacksonville = Arizona
Oakland at Kansas City = Oakland
Cincinnati at Green Bay =Green Bay
Minnesota at Detroit = Minnesota
St. Louis at Washington = Washington
New England at New York Jets = NY Jets
Carolina at Atlanta = Atlanta
Tampa Bay at Buffalo = Buffalo
Seattle at San Francisco = San Francisco
Baltimore at San Diego = San Diego
Pittsburgh at Chicago = Pittsburgh
Cleveland at Denver = Denver
New York Giants at Dallas = Dallas
Indianapolis at Miami = Indianapolis