"Decision Points"

I'm looking forward to reading Bush's upcoming autobiography; potential release date is .  Although it sounds like this won't be a true autobiography, but more of detailed thoughts through several of the major political moments of Bush's presidential years.  Which, having read some previous president's autobiographies, this sounds more interesting and more insightful.  For instance, I felt Clinton's rushed through elements of his life, which is hard to imagine when you hold that hefty tome in your hands.
I'd also like to ready Carl Rove's soon to be released Courage and Consequences (if anyone wants to buy if for me...feel free).
There are some other key members of the Bush administration finishing up their memoirs, including Laura Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.  I'm hoping Condeleezza Rice is working on a true autobiography as well; that chick has an interesting story to share.

I really think our nation's politics are really interesting.  But to be honest I don't particular like the voting part, I find the whole exercise annoying (but important..."rock the vote").  I actually like the political strategizing.  I would rather be a NFL general manager than a NFL player.  

Video: Lost Heroes - Rod Belding