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This game isn't addictive, it's just that you keep thinking that you can possibly do better with just one more try

Discussion Starter

This video below is rather interesting (both astronomically and theologically) and could be a great discussion starter for some small group activity.

Questions dealing with God's omni-presence to God's love for us, to creation vs. evolution.
Enjoy the discussions.

Why So Serious

Someone tagged one of the movie theaters here in San Antonio. (I'm thinking it was an inside job). It was hard to get a picture cause those stupide trees in the way...darn you nature! I thought it was pretty cool.
The movie comes out this Friday. Are you planning on seeing The Dark Knight?

Twitter Lately

I've been Twittering a whole lot lately. Thought you might enjoy reading some of the Twits (what do you call these? post doesn't feel exactly right? i like twits.)

I don't always post them like this, but please feel free to follow me at Twitter, my username there is "tsharrison". You can also read the current "twit" in the right hand column on this blog.

Twitter you later.