NFL Week 9 Picks - Wrap Up

Redskins @ Falcons = Atlanta

Chiefs @ Jaguars = Jacksonville

Packers @ Buccaneers = Green Bay

Texans @ Colts = Indianapolis

Dolphins @ Patriots = New England

Ravens @ Bengals = Baltimore

Cardinals @ Bears = Bears

Panthers @ Saints = Saints

Lions @ Seahawks = Seahawks

Titans @ 49ers = 49ers

Chargers @ Giants = Giants

Cowboys @ Eagles = Eagles

Steelers @ Broncos = Steelers


Last Week: 8-5

Season: 78-38


This Week: 7-6

Season: 85-44


So far this season, no that we are at the half way mark, this are some of my observations and questions:

-       I am not that great at picking winning teams.  I think I’m just over 60%; I’ll let someone else do the math.  I’m going to shoot for 80% here in the second half of the season.

-       No one else likes to share their weekly picks here with me; but that does not deter me in the least from continuing to post my weekly picks.

-       Despite their really strong opening to the season, my original hopes for the 49ers of an 8-8 season is still the bench mark by which I’ll judge the team this year.  I don’t know if they’ll win their division and make the playoffs, but since the Cardinal won the division with a 9-7 record and even went to the Super Bowl you never know.

-       Already looking forward this upcoming draft. There are 5 teams at 1-7 (Browns, Chiefs, Buccaneers, Rams & Lions) and 3 teams at 2-6 (Redskins, Titans and Raiders); and I’ll throw the Dolphins, Jaguars, Seahawks, Bills and Panthers into the “who drafts Tebow, McCoy, and Bradford” discussions.  We can dismiss the Lions from the discussion since they draft Stafford last year.  The Bucs, after this weekend’s big win, seem to be satisfied with last season’s draft choice of Josh Freeman.  The Chiefs already spent a lot of money on Cassel.  We don’t know if the Dolphins are really committed to their wildcat scheme.  And will the Raiders really invest in JaMarcus Russell.  So teams in need of Tebow, McCoy and Bradford are the Browns, Rams, Redskins.  Oh.  And don’t forget about Michael Vick.

-       Some of the playoff picture is already starting to come clear.  Most likely we’ll see these teams post season: Colts, Patriots, Bengals, Steelers from the AFC and Vikings, Saints, Cardinals (?) should win their NFC divisions. 

-       I’m guessing Steelers repeat as Superbowl champs over the Saints.