2009 NFL - Week 4 Picks

Detroit @ Chicago = Chicago

Detroit did finally win a game, and they’ll win another this season.  Just not against Chicago in Chicago.

Cincinnati @ Cleveland = Cincinnati

Cleveland is mess.  And Cincinnati is putting things together.  Are the Bengals a playoff team…eh…I’m not sure…but they should win this game.

Dallas @ Denver = Denver

Dare I say that they dismal Denver Broncos that had such a horrific offseason and preseason might just 4-0.  Yes.  For 2 reasons.  (1) this game is in Denver and (2) the bipolar play of Romo is due for a down day (week 1 = Romo was okay, week 2 = Romo was awful, week 3 = Romo was okay).

Seattle @ Indianapolis = Indianapolis

This is a tough pick.  But the Colts are at home and Manning just finds ways to win. 

New York Giants @ Kansas City = New York Giants

I don’t know if I can honestly pick Kansas City to win any games this year.

Buffalo @ Miami = Buffalo

Buffalo has had some moments this season where they look to be stepping up into that next level of play.  And despite Miami playing at home, and all their celebrity ownership, their wildcat offense has been playing more like a kitten.

Baltimore @ New England = Baltimore

Tough, tough, tough pick.  New England is at home.  This are two upper level teams.  But I’ve been saying Baltimore is the best team in the NFL for a reason.  This game demonstrates that.

New York Jets @ New Orleans = New Orleans

Another tough pick.  Two 3-0 teams.  Brees needs to bounce back from last week’s subpar performance, but this is a tough NY Jets defense.  However they are at home and Sanchez has to have at least one awful game during his rookie season.

San Diego @ Pittsburgh = Pittsburgh

At Pittsburgh = the reason I’m picking Pittsburgh.  But having lost two in a row Pittsburgh will be playing as if this was the playoff game.  Because honestly their playoffs may be on the line.  But look for P. Rivers to air it out and make this a close game.

St. Louis @ San Francisco = San Francisco

Does Kansas City play St. Louis this year.  Because that might be a game KC wins.  Because St. Louis is just as bad last year, and despite their better record they were actually worse than the Lions last year.

Tampa Bay @ Washington = Washington

Tampa Bay is starting Josh Johnson this week.  Both teams are bad.  Both teams coaches are not impressive.  But Washington has enough talent on their squad that they should win.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost.

Tennessee @ Jacksonville = Tennessee

Tennessee is 0-3 but don’t count them out.  This team will compete for a playoff spot and the road begins here in week 4. 

Oakland @ Houston = Houston

Does JaMarcus Russell even want to play?  Houston does.

Green Bay @ Minnesota = Minnesota

This should be a fun game.  I imagine these two teams split their two match-ups this season, but since Minnesota is at home I’m giving this one.  Favre has been stealing the spotlight and the plays from Adrian Peterson.  Despite Favre’s pray and a pass last week against San Francisco I’m curious how long the locker room holds up.