Video: World's Longest Basketball Shot

Have you seen this?

And just in case you feel that it's a fake here's another view from another angle. It's quite possibly the world's longest shot ever. Big shot. I think it's real because everything is bigger in Texas. Even if it was made at College Station.

NFL Week 2 Picks - Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up Bulleted Thoughts:

-          Carolina is in trouble, so how did they let the Eagles pick up Jeff Garcia before them?

-          Kurt Warner was 24 of 26 in his passing completion for a new NFL record 92.3%.  That’s a ridiculous stat.  

-          Is Brett Favre allowed to have more touchdowns than Adrian Peterson.  He did this week, and if that trend continues I’m curious if over inflated egos burst the party bubble in Minnesota.

-          Tennessee has two tough losses, and they have some issues to iron out.  But I’m not ready to count them out yet. 

-          Still Drew Brees vs. Adrian Peterson in my book for MVP. 

-          I can’t believe that my pick of the Jets over the Patriot was right.  Waiting to hear the first “Rex Ryan is a genius” reference.

-          Washington won without a TD, and the crowd booed them for it.  As they should have.  All the money spent on that team and not one touchdown?

-          Sproles being hit by Ray Lewis in the backfield on a key fourth and 2 may be my favorite play of the weekend.  Ray Lewis is a freak and should have a place on Sundays after he retires, probably on the sidelines, he is one smart player.

-          My Niners are 2-0.  I don’t want to say the “P” word out of superstition, but it definitely makes me confident in their ability to reach 8 wins.  I wish they could sign Crabtree only to trade him away for a first round pick next year. 


Carolina at Atlanta = Atlanta

Cincinnati at Green Bay = Green Bay

Minnesota at Detroit = Minnesota

Arizona at Jacksonville = Arizona

New Orleans at Philadelphia = New Orleans

Houston at Tennessee = Tennessee

St. Louis at Washington = Washington

New England at New York Jets = New York Jets

Pittsburgh at Chicago = Pittsburgh

Tampa Bay at Buffalo = Buffalo

New York Giants at Dallas = Dallas

Baltimore at San Diego = San Diego

Oakland at Kansas City = Oakland

Seattle at San Francisco = San Francisco

Cleveland at Denver = Denver

Indianapolis at Miami = Indianapolis


Last Week  12 - 4

Season (as of last week)  12 - 4


This Week  12 - 4

Season 24 – 8