Video (Christmas 2009 #26): Born To Die

(this is the only video i could really find...sorry)
Born to Die  Bebo Norman -------------------------------------- They never knew a dark night always had the Son's light on their face Perfect in glory Broken by the story of untold grace... come that day  Majesty had come down  Glory had succumed now  to flesh and bone In the arms of a manger In the hands of strangers that could not know Just who they hold  Chorus: And the angels filled the sky  All of heaven wondered why Why their King would choose to be  Be a baby born to die  And all fell silent  For the cry of an infant, the voice of God Was dividing history For those with eyes to see, the Son would shine From earth that night  Chorus   Bridge: To break the chains Of guilt and sin To find us here  To pull us in  So we can join in Heaven's song And with one voice around the throne  Chorus: All the Angels filled the sky And I can't help but wonder why  Why the King would choose to be Be a baby born for me Be a baby born to die