World Series 2012

I'm looking for a better display this year than last.  It's going to be a slug fest and the Red Birds have home field advantage.  But I believe that my team can do it this year!

Go Rangers Go!


Random: I Think I Love You

For some strange reason I've had some odd music stuck in my head lately.  Last night it was Christopher Cross' 'Arthur's Theme'.  Which, let's be honest, is an awesome song, and it doesn't even have to be 1981.
Today I've had The Partridge Family's 'I Think I Love You' stuck in my head.  I don't know who gets credit for the song actually.  Is it while whole Partridge family or just David Cassidy?  I couldn't answer that question, as I've never actually seen one episode of The Partridge Family.
Maybe even more strange, I don't know where I've ever hear this song.  I don't even know any lyrics beyond "I think I love you / so what are you so afraid of?".  Are those the lyrics?  I don't know, but that's what I've been singing.
How about you? What song has been stuck in your head lately?


Chart: Starships

I really am not a big Science Fiction guy, but I feel like I really needed the following chart in my life.  Which isn't to say that I don't watch and enjoy SciFy movies and tv shows, because I do.  But I don't continually rewatch them, and learn more about those created worlds, and read the additional fiction work, and learn their made up languages.
It would, however, be honest of me to include the fact that I was really annoyed that the Serenity, you know...the Firefly model, wasn't included in this chart.
Oh well.
Don't judge me.
Also when I was younger, I can remember my brothers and I would draw detailed (at least my 8 year old brain thought they were) space ships.  We'd also build space ships with our Legos.
Again. Don't judge me.


"I Google You"

I Google you
late at night when I don’t know what to do
I find photos
you’ve forgotten
you were in
put up by your friends

I Google you
when the day is done and everything is through
I read your journal
that you kept
that month in France
I’ve watched you dance

And I’m pleased your name is practically unique
it’s only you and
a would-be PhD in Chesapeake
who writes papers on
the structure of the sun
I’ve read each one

I know that I
should let you fade
but there’s that box
and there’s your name
somehow it never makes the pain
grow less or fade or disappear
I think that I should save my soul and
I should crawl back in my hole
But it’s too easy just to fold
and type your name again
I fear
I google you
Whenever I’m alone and feeling blue
And each scrap of information
That I gather
says you’ve found somebody new
And it really shouldn’t matter
ought to blow up my computer
but instead….
I google you.

Written by Neil Gaiman, author of American Gods, Neverwhere and Stardust among many
Performed by Amanda Palmer.


Quote: John Green

“Maybe our favorite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we’re quoting.”

John Green