2009 NFL - Week 3 Picks

Please feel free to share you picks.

My thoughts on why I choose certain teams is toward the bottom.


Cleveland at Baltimore = Baltimore

New York Giants at Tampa Bay = New York Giants

Jacksonville at Houston = Houston

Atlanta at New England = New England

Green Bay at St. Louis = Green Bay

Kansas City at Philadelphia = Philadelphia

Washington at Detroit = Detroit

San Francisco at Minnesota = Minnesota

Tennessee at New York Jets = Tennessee

New Orleans at Buffalo = New Orleans

Chicago at Seattle = Chicago

Miami at San Diego = San Diego

Denver at Oakland = Denver

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati = Pittsburgh

Indianapolis at Arizona = Arizona

Carolina at Dallas = Dallas


-          I think Baltimore may be the best team after the first two weeks.  Strong offense and strong defense.

-          The difference between Baltimore and San Francisco, both 2-0 teams, is that Baltimore doesn’t have the clearly missing/lacking pieces that San Fran does.  And the questions around San Francisco make you choose Minnesota at Minnesota.

-          Tennessee (0-2) is on the ropes, and a confident Jets (2-0) team, leads to a Tennessee victory.

-          Surprisingly I’m banking on Denver going 3-0 with a win over Denver.  But after this week their record should tank.

-          New England has been stewing over their loss to NY Jets all week.  They’ll take it out on a good Atlanta team at home.

-          Detroit will finally end their losing streak. 

-          I’m thinking Indianapolis at Arizona may be the best game of the week.  Manning vs. Warner, two of the greatest QB passers ever.  A toss up, but Arizona is at home, so…