Need to Blog Again

I used to really enjoy blogging.
Creating my own posts.
Reading friends and interesting people's blogs.
Commenting on post that I found interesting and useful.
But I just stopped.  And I was trying to think why.
Here's a quick list of reason why I think I quit blogging.

  • I got busy.  Life got too busy to type a few thoughts down everyday.  Sad but true.
  • People just published too much.  Honestly there's so much information out there.  Most of it not helpful at all.  And I typically thought my words fell into the "loud noise" column. 
  • Technology improved. Why type paragraphs when I can limit my content to 140 characters?  Or even better why publish words when I can be socially networked with just a photo?
  • I just didn't have anything to say. 
  • Worse, I think I had plenty to say but was afraid of how one person might misread what I was trying to say and be offended.  (Confession: I'm a chronic people-pleaser) 

But I wanted to say something.
Generally I'm of the persuasion that most people speak before they've thought. Or people speak with authority but have none.  Or people speak to just hear their own voice.  I don't want to be one of those people.
I really enjoy sitting around with friends sharing stories and ideas and thoughts and images of and from life.  But how do you communicate that kind of atmosphere and community?  Especially when your family and close friends don't have a blog of their own or ever read your post.

So I think I'm going to re-launch this thing, new name, new background color (crazy stuff).
But I think there is a part of me that just needs a place to publish the hundreds of thoughts and list I create in my head throughout the day or week.

I'll start this week.