Apparently I used by 1000 post to reprint An Open Letter to the American Church.
I was going to make a big deal about finally making it to this quasi-historic milestone but I forgot. I think the open letter is fitting.
I feel like this year has been a half heart one in terms of this blog. And I've been thinking about making some changes. But then I think that is too much work.
I haven't even updated my music player in months.
Maybe that'll be my overhaul.

[Also the photo makes total sense to me, well two post ago it did.]

Quote: Christian Reger

Nietzche said a man can undergo torture if he knows the why of his life. But I, here at Dachau, learned something far greater. I learned the Who of my life. He was enough to sustain me then, and is enough to sustain me still.”

- Christian Reger, a Christian who stood up against the Nazi regime and was sent the concentration camp of Dachau from 1941-1945.

I visited Dachua around 1990 when my family lived in Germany. There was an evilness that hung in the air that I was even able to sense as a mindless middle schooler some fifty years after the horrific events. I remember walking around the prison, looking in the cremation furnaces, walking through the dorm rooms, standing in the showers.

If Christian Reger can find a God who still reaches down and comforts and brings life in the darkness of Dachau, surely I can find Him in my life.