Answers (Part 1)

Julie asked a bunch of questions on her blog this week in an effort to spur on her blogging friends. I thought I would try and give my answers to them. Probably in several different post though.
In no particular order:
2. My favorite cartoon/comic is…
Calvin and Hobbes


and Spider-Man of course!

5. My favorite smell/aroma…
My favorite smell is opening day at a baseball park. The crisp air, leather gloves, fresh foul line chalk, popcorn, peanuts and a fresh mowed outfield. That’s what heaven must smell like.

Now that hard to find in candle form, so usually I purchase sandalwood for around the house.

8 Something I love to do but I’m not very good at… and vice versa.
This is actually most of what I do, but for the sake of specificity: photography, music, blogging, preaching/teaching, sleeping. Just to list a few.

20. What I always wanted to be when I grow up
In this order: An Air Force fighter pilot (until I realize you couldn't have asthma and join the military), A Baseball player, and a youth pastor.

26. Best/worst smelling lotion/perfume
I worked with this girl in high school named Angie who always smelled great, and I loved when we could work close together. She wore something from Bath & Body Works that I always thought was apple scented, but in actuality was pear...I think.

34. where I’d start touring the world…
Um...I think I'd start from home, that way I'd have something to return to. Maybe going east until I arrived back where I started.

65. someone I wish I said I love you to
Jamie Johnson. You can read my tragedy HERE.

70. how I lost/gained 10 pounds
I gave up Dr. Pepper for the year. Yep in only less than 6 weeks I've lost 10 pounds.

41. My tattoo parlor experience
No tattoos for me.

24. First thing I ever bought/sold on EBAY
I've never sold anything on EBAY. And the only thing I have ever bought was a collective photo of Nolan Ryan for a $1. I'd show it to you but it's packed away with some other baseball cards and collectables.

19. Foods that make me puke
I hate mushrooms, olives and vienna sausages. I'm sure there is plenty more I could list (I'm kind of a picky eater), but this is what instantly came to my mind. My dad made my two older brothers and I a vienna sausage sandwich one time that we all threw up. My dad hates that story, because we never told him until years later and now he doesn't believe us.

23. The best video game ever
Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man. Nuff said.

68. having breakfast in bed
I don't usually eat breakfast, but if I were to make myself breakfast I might as well eat it somewhere other than in bed. Eating a meal in a bed is awkward to me.

63. my favorite “hip” saying
Is okie dokie "hip"?
If not then I say "that's how I roll" a lot.

11. Why God made bugs/rats/cellulite
So we could have awsome movies like...

I'll answer the rest at a later time....