"You are so beautiful to me..."

Bottom: Brittany Ashton Holmes & Bug Hall

Not entirely sure why, but these two photos make me really happy.  I love the movie The Little Rascals, and quote it at least once a day.  

"We are he-man woman haters / We feed girls to alligators / Our clubhouse burned down mighty low / But we're got a plan to make some dough!" 
"Quick, what's the number for 9-1-1?"
"Hey, my mom's here." "Whoopi!" 
"We've got a dollar.  We've got a dollar.  We've got a dollar.  Hey, hey, hey, hey."
"Finders keepers.  Losers suck."
"I have two pickles.  I have two pickles.  I have two pickles today.  Hey, hey."



I wish the small town I live in had a Chipotle.  Heck, a quick Google search for Chipotles in the Raleigh area indicate only two Chipotles, way up on the north side of Raleigh.  That sucks!
The video below really makes me hungry for some Chipotle too.  That and a desire to listen to some Willie Nelson tunes.  Also I've recently begun listening to Willie's son Lukas Nelson.  Have you heard him?  Enjoyable.
Actually what I think I really miss is not so much Chipotle burritos, but seriously I do miss those, but more so I miss that gang of friends who used to gather after an evening worship service and just grew to love one another.  More often than not we'd congregate around a burrito bowl or some Red Robin fries.  I've been thinking about that gang a lot lately.  Some communities are hard to replace.


Harry Potter and How It Should Have Ended

This cracked me up.  And for the record it's this logical progression that I have always considered The Prisoner of Azkaban my least favorite of the Harry Potter novels.