Eliminating the Bottom 5%

What if we redrew the world map to reflect the elimination of the bottom 5% of global GNP contributors.

Video: Not the Gospel

I saw this on Justin McRoberts website and thought it was incredible. Thought I needed to share it with you.

I remember as a child rubbing the belly of the little Buddhas that were located in BX (base exchange) we would shop at on Guam. I'd made my wishes and dream about how amazing Christmas was going to be that year! There is something incredibly wrong about asking Buddha to improve Christmas. But I was young, naive and not yet a believer.
However, as foolish as I was there are many adult confessors of Christ who treat Jesus as if he were their personal genie in a bottle. Say a prayer, send in an offering, and watch him grant your every wish.

John Piper's view on The Prosperity Gospel from Jared Duba on Vimeo.

What could you loss and still love Jesus?

I really want to answer "everything" to that question.