Soul Cravings - Day 1

I posted earlier about how I had given away my copy of Soul Cravings by Erwin McManus and how much I was bummed about that. Well everyone's friend Taylor tried to anonymously give me a copy for Christmas. (Thanks Taylor!)

As I skimmed the book at my original purchase I thought the book might make for an interesting daily devotional read which I could post about daily, or as I had correlating thoughts to express.

Today I read the introduction.

Erwin is inviting us on a exploration of the human spirit, to be a sojourn with him as we search for that which can satisfy the insatiable desires we all long for. The book is divided into three quest. One in search of intimacy (love), another in search destiny (hope) and the third in search of meaning (faith).

"If we're not careful, we might find ourselves with everything this world has to offer and later find we have lost ourselves in the clutter."

"If we are not careful, we will lose our ability to see such things as beauty, truth, or even affection. More importantly, you may close your eyes to what your soul needs you most to see."

So in early reflection moments here are my questions (that I'm asking myself) and my thoughts:
  • What in your life is cluttering your ability to find what you most need.
  • Do you really believe that your life has an insatiable craving that can be satisfied?
  • Which do you long for most? Intimacy, destiny or meaning?
  • How have you seen in others these cravings?
  • This book is challenging you on a journey of soul exploration. Are you prepared to open you eyes and remove the clutter in order to discover the Kingdom of God with you.
  • I find it amazing that God has wired me to be lost without him. He deemed me worthy, despite my chubby cheeks and lack of fashion and myriad of other reason not to love me. Just knowing that, reminds me of how much I need that. Crave that. Imagine that.
  • If bitterness is an enemy of our trilogy quest, then how do we avoid bitterness?