justin mcroberts

One of my favorite artist is Justin McRoberts. I was listening to his live CD on my way home this morning, and I find myself turning my driver seat into a cathedral.
Justin has one of the most astounding voices I've heard.
I bought his first album in college and the early work is just as good today as the when I first heard it.
I wanted to share it with you.

Already Beginning to Count Down

Harrison actually looks good here dispite turning 65 in July.
If you check out Ford's bio at IMDB.com you'll find that he's alternate name is Jethro the Bus Driver. What's that about?

Anyways I can already here the theme music... actually you can hear it at the Indiana website, click on the pic.

"Falling Off The Bone!"

I had dinner with the family at T.G.I. Fridays last night. Our waiter Victor recommended the Jack Daniel's Roasted Pork, swearing it had never failed him.
So I ordered it.
Oh...and they had Fried Green Beans as appitizers that were outstanding.
But the back to the Pork. It was served on a pile of mash potatoes with brocilli around it and french onion toppings.

AWESOME! Vic was absolutely right.

He described it as "falling off the bone." Which is now my new favorite slogan.

Falling Off The Bone!

2007-06-26 2:15

Where were you?

I was unable to sleep so I was watching TV late into the night and low and behold I experienced a life changing event.

This will go down in the annuals of time like:
- The JFK assassination
- The Challenger Explosion
- 9/11

Yep I'm speaking of Paris Hilton's prison release. Someday I'll be able to tell me children that I saw it live!
I'm personally saying thank you prayers all day for the excellent timing of the few reporters who were able to catch those amazing pictures and first words.



Brian Billick, head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, was invited to address the graduating class of John Hopkins University. The following inspiritation quote instantly qualifies as a "legend- wait for it - ary"!

"In a bacon-and-egg breakfast the chicken is involved, but the pig is commited. Be that pig."
So today, in whatever circumstance of your life that you find yourself reading this post... be that pig!
Oink, oink!

I like it when...

In response to Allison Hibbard's post on her blog There Is No Better Way To Spend Your Time I present the following....

- I like it when someone makes me a grilled cheese sandwich for no reason. mmmm
- I like when I've finished working outside or with my hands and feel even more manly than usual.
- I like it when I see a women in uniform (not the most flattering outfit, but they seem to have a confidence, assurance, and a "put-together-ness" that's really attractive).
- I like it when a cool breeze hits my ankles, especially if I'm wearing pants.
- I like it when I accomplish a rather difficult challenge when playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.
- I like it when an Audrey Hepburn movie comes on TV and I have nothing to do, but sit down and watch.
- I like it when I go to Red Robin and that annoying bird leaves me alone.
- I like it when Caedmon's Call announces that Derek Webb has rejoined the group.
- I like it when I find money in the dryer.
- I like it when people return e-mails promptly.
- I like it when my parents invite me over because their grilling steak.
- I like it when the roads are clear on my way to work.
- I like it when people say I should have children, even though it scares me to death.
- I like it when a girl accepts my invitation to go on a date, and my blood pressure returns to normal.
- I like it when it rains and I can sit on my balcony and read.
- I like it when Mark Buchanan publishes a new book.
- I like it when I can sit around with college buddies and retell stories from the "day".
- I like it when I have day old chin stubble.
- I like it when my conditioner makes my scalp tingle.
- I like it when shoes have that new shoe smell.
- I like it when I can put my feet up at the movie theater.
- I like it when I reconnect with a long lost friend.
- I like it when someone ask to pray with me.
- I like it when I can hang out with my sisters.
- I like it when trust is given to me.
- I like it when I really trust.
- I like it when I can get a slurpee at 7-Eleven.
- I like it when I have a bag of sunflower seeds, a bottle of Dr. Pepper and more than 5 hours of open road.
- I like it when I look back and realize "it" is always better because I was living in the moment and then have to ponder the irony of the fact that I have to look back to realize it, therefore leaving that moment I should be living.
- I like it when I finish off a tube of toothpaste.