4 Month Fast: Update

So on that last post there was quite a few opinions on what qualifies and doesn’t qualify as a fast food restaurant.  Unfortunately many of you were just wrong, or your definition was limited.  I’m just joking…some of you had helpful suggestions.

But I thought it important to bring some clarity to the situation.  What I’m looking for isn’t necessarily a absolute definition but rather a set of guidelines by which I can narrow down the options.  If there are any questions after that, I’ll bring them to you.


So here are some guidelines when evaluating a restaurant’s fast food-ness:


Fast Food Restaurants…

-          …have a drive thru

-          …you order at a counter off a menu board

Real Restaurants…

-          …have someone seat you at a table before you order

-          …have actual waiters and waitress

-          …have printed menus

-          …have actual dishware


This is just a start.  Feel free to contribute some additional guidelines.


Now obviously there are exceptions to everything…so sometimes there will be questions.  Here is a list of current questionable establishments and the conclusion based on your input.

-          Subway = ???

-          Chipotle = Restaurant

-          Schlotsky’s = ???

-          Chic-fil-a = Fast Food

-          Ci-Ci’s Pizza = ???


(Get the picture?)  Please offer your input.  I’ll continue to add restaurants as they begin to present themselves a problem during this fast.