Can I Do That?

It’s no question that I’m not cool.
Therefore it wouldn’t be prudent of me to question Jay-Z on…well much of anything.
I mean the guy is a phenomenal rap star, although I couldn’t tell you about one of his songs (I could recognize him if I heard him, but generally don’t care about his art).
The guy is married to the beautiful and talented Beyonce. (Although I don’t really like any of her songs. And I’m not really attracted to her; I think because I don’t like any of her music.)
The dude owns his own clothing line.
He has his hands and money in the careers of many musicians.
He is a part owner of a NBA team.
And I assume a dozen other things I’m not aware of.

While I, like any man, enjoys lounging on the couch with a bag of potato chip, a tv remote in one hand, and my other tucked in my pants (don’t ask it’s a man thing, I can’t explain it nor would I break the “man-code” to do so), but…

When did it become okay to walk around like this?

Apollo 11 Moon Landing

40 years ago today Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin climbed out of the lunar landing module. Upon setting his feet on the moon's surface and making his historic quote, Armstrong took the camera and filmed Buzz Aldrin's decent from the module, as seen in the video below. Buzz Aldrin described the view as a "magnificent desolation". (I think that's a beautiful phrase).

And when one obnoxious individual tried to corner Buzz Aldrin and accuse him of lying and being involved in a massive conspiracy by the government Buzz...well...just watch...

Astronauts are cool!