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Gone Fishing

On Saturday my dad, my brother Todd, my brother-in-law Mickey, my nephew Jacob and I went out to the lake for some fishing. The lake was packed for the weekend and it seemed as if all along the shoreline there were lines in the water. Eventually we found a corner of the lake and cast away.
We didn't catch anything.
Actually I think my dad and Mickey did most of the fishing. I was never the fisherman type. I always preferred catching fish to actually fishing. Plus I'm just not very good at the whole thing. Once when we lived in North Dakota my dad, Todd and I went out. I had cast near this spot by the bridge. When my line got stuck, for the fifth or sixth time that day, my dad had become frustrated and told me to figure it out. I yanked on that line and reeled and reeled. Eventually something came loose and when I brought the hook back up attached was a fish. I swear that fish was not the reason I had trouble.
My brothers and I all share our birthdays in the month of August. And one year my dad took Todd and Trent out to fish on their respective birthdates. I was so worried I was going to have to spend my birthday fishing. But my parents knew me well enough. Instead they skipped church with me and we went out for breakfast.
That being the case, Jacob and I spent more time checking out the ducks and throwing sticks in the water.
I got ahead of Jacob at one point and he came running after me with his Gatorade blue tongue waving in the air.