Model Behavior

Today was a great day. I woke up this morning still on a high from the evening with Rob Bell (which I'll post about probably tomorrow). Actually I woke a little late since me alarm clock had reset due to a power outage/flicker on Saturday and I failed to notice.
Anyways at church our communion time (which I should post about sometime, because I love it so much) involved the presentation of fresh produce by individuals that will be delivered to needing families this week. There was a produce section down the center of our church worship center, spread out on our communion tables. We recognized our shared meal with Christ that must be demonstrated and opened to our community.
The message today was delivered by Randy Frazee (via video as always). Randy is the candidate for the senior ministry position at Oak Hills Church relieving Max Lucado, who is transitioning into our writing and teaching pastor. Randy is coming from Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL where he "oversees the development of community through the neighborhood initiative, as well as overseeing several areas of the church including Community Care, Membership and Spiritual Discovery." I was highly impressed with Randy and the presentation of his story. (More on him in a minute).
After church I went to lunch with William Hass and two friends of his from Midland/Odessa named Todd and Matt. They were in town to help celebrate William's birthday and to attend a NickleCreek concert in Austin. We went to Thai Spice, a local Thai restaurant that just about everyone I know enjoys. I got the same thing I get every time I go there.
After lunch we said goodbye to Matt and Todd who headed back to Midland and William and I went to G.R.A.S.P. A local ministry that the church donated the produce to and with the college/singles (I hate these titles) community group we helped organize and build baskets of food to be delivered this week.
From there William, Chris (our church's associate who oversees the H.S. ministry) and I went to Chili's where apparently William has a tradition we had to fulfill. From there we went back to church, watched last weeks episode of The Office on the big screens, and then reorganize the chairs and tables in the worship center. The online episode of The Office had these really catchy commercials from Target that were stuck in mine and Williams head. Two guys dancing to a song in there head, while moving furniture...why and I sharing this?
This evening we at Journey had some time with Randy, who spent most of the morning at the Crownridge campus. Randy speaks very clearly and with an incredible amount of authenticity. I feel as if I already know him. There was a meet and greet afterwards in the community center. I chitchatted with Max and Randy a little and I'm am unbelievable impressed with their integrity and humility.
It challenges me on the kind of man I desire God to mold me into. Authentic. Humble. Compassionate. Skillful.

NFL Picks...Week 11

Carolina at Green Bay = Green Bay
Oakland at Minnesota = Oakland
San Diego at Jacksonville = San Diego
Arizona at Cincinnati = Cincinnati
Kansas City at Indianapolis = Indianapolis
New Orleans at Houston = New Orleans
New York Giants at Detroit = Detroit
Cleveland at Baltimore = Cleveland
Miami at Philadelphia = Philadelphia
Tampa Bay at Atlanta = Tampa Bay
Pittsburgh at NewYork Jets = Pittsburgh
Chicago at Seattle = Seattle
Washington at Dallas = Dallas
St. Louis at San Fransico = St. Louis
New England at Buffalo = New Englang
Tennessee at Denver = Denver