You Asked For It: Part 2

You can Click HERE to review all the questions you asked me. This is my second attempt to answer some of you inquiries. And as always if one answer leads to additional questions/follow up questions please feel free to ask.

23. What reality TV show would you like to be on?
I think it would have to be (1) The Amazing Race, followed by (2) Survivor and then (3) Cops.

29. Who was your first crush?
When we first met she was 8 years old and I was 6 years old.

45. What do you like on your Subway sandwiches?
Every time I have some Subway I order the same thing. Even after I talk myself up before entering into the doors.
I begin by asking for the wheat bread.
And then it's always the same meats: turkey and ham.
Depending on whether or not the specific Subway has Swiss cheese or not depends on my cheese choice. But generally I choose Swiss.
Then it's on to the veggies. I start with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers (because their pickles always look gross) and carrot slices (something I've started add to sandwiches I make at home too).
Finally I all their honey mustard sauce.