Believe 2011

If you know me you know I love CIY (Christ In Youth).  I choose the Bible college I attended largely because of it's proximity to CIY's headquarters.  One of my main college goals, over graduating even mind you, was to have an internship with CIY.
Not only do I absolutely love their summer conference MOVE, but I believe they have the best middle school event in the nation: Believe.  Believe is an incredibly powerful 2 day event that tours the nation specifically for middle school students.  A Believe event is high energy, meeting students at their emotional, social and cognitive levels, which can impact the lives of middle schoolers for years to come.
I remember my first Believe event over 10 years ago, being stunned about the vision some had for a middle school program.  The following year I took my first group of middle schoolers; one of many more.  I'm looking forward to this coming spring and taking a gang of students to the Atlanta conference for a weekend.