Christian, two years of age, somehow managed to lodge his head into a chair today and found himself stuck. Now if one was so inclined as to hurt a child they could ahve jerked his head back through which it came, but another means was pursued.
Since the chair was incredibly well made, using rivets instead of bolts or screws, just taking the chair apart was not the solution. Rather, calling the local fire department proved to be helpful. Using large bolt cutters 5 firemen, 2 security men three teachers and one mom were able to been the frame of the chair enough to give Christian room to slide his poor little head out.
I laughed and laughed. Patty seen holding Christian and the chair said, "I've had these chairs for 25 years and no child has ever stuck their head in there."

Shaved Bumblebees?

I happened across this strange but glorious website today. It has all this interesting digital artwork. Here's my favorite from it.