Audio A Farewell

Well in typical Christian Music Industry fashion, someone decided to squeeze a few more ounces of blood from the rock, and to be honest this time I’m buying.

A farewell album for Audio Adrenaline will be released at the end of August and I’m a gladly going to hand over the money for this one.

Jumping around, singing along, and dancing recklessly to songs like; Big House, DC-10, Can’t Take God Away, We’re a Band or If You’re Happy and You Know It, are some of my favorite concert moments. Unfortunately Rest Easy is not on this album, it’s my favorite AA song. And while I believe Bloom is their best album I don’t think that means they peaked in any way. From Some Kind of Zombie to Adios the music was always up to par. And in an industry that is generally cheese, l loved Audio’s music.

I think there is something to be gained from the fact that Audio’s farewell is largely because Mark Stuart’s voice was giving out. Anyone who ever attended an Audio Adrenaline concert would probably agree that this band preformed all out on every song. Whether it was Will jumping around with his bass, or Barry Blair (yep old-school) tearing it up on his guitar or Mark’s incredible vocals, you knew what to expect. When I think of my life/my youth ministry career will I serve all out every day until I physically can’t go on anymore? What a goal…

Back in 1996 when Audio was touring with DC Talk during the Jesus Freak tour, they actually came to Rapid City. We got one “big” Christian concert a year (not counting Hills Alive) and DC Talk actually came. I showed up early and Matt Grant, my brother and I got to help set up the merchandise tables. There were these two guys running this stuff and I not sure where they were in their faith, but I had my suspicions. They would brag to us about what people, particularly girls, would offer to get back stage. Anyways while DC Talk was doing their sound checks the Audio guys were out hanging with us checking out the newest t-shirts and stuff.
One of the sales guys says to Mark: “I can’t believe you guys stay and sign autographs and talk to all these fans after show. You know if you charged even $5 per person you can make a lot of money.”
Mark’s response was the classic right words at the right time. He said, “That’s just vanity man, vanity.” And he walked away.

Another perk to working the merchandise table was again an amazing experience. While Audio A was warming up and doing their sound check, Matt, Todd and I were freaking in the mosh pit. Once exhausted we jumped up and sat down on the stage and listened to the band jam. We were the only three people in the auditorium.

Advocating Leader

I took a personal dna test and the results suggest that I'm an Advocating Leader. Those of you who know me what do you think? Click HERE to find out more about what a Advocating Leader suggest.
Of course most people who know me don't read blogs so I suppose that I won't get any responses. Oh well. I'll have to print it off and take it to you and get some confirmation.

"Her message seemed clear enough. Behind the charade of the lunch menu recital burned the untapped rage of our secret passion."
-Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage), on The Wonder Years, as Winnie Cooper read the school menu.

It's brillant writing like that that made this show an instant classic.


new "Indy" pic

I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!


I saw Transformers today. Typical Michael Bay flic. I felt like I was watching Pearl Harbor but with alien robots. Visual it was good, but the plot was weak. I still can't tell you exactly what the "significant object" (I don't want to give away details) did or didn't do. There was major plot confusions that really baffled me, to which I'll say if you're trying to protect people maybe a major city isn't the best place to have a big robot fight.
The movie did have it's moments though and I will give it some credit, but I should have waited and went to see Ratatouille.