2012 Goals: Scheduled TV Breaks

I've fallen into a small routine that I don't really care for.  
When I arrive home the first things I generally do are, kick off my shoes (just right of the front door), unload whatever I've hauled in with me (my backpack), turn on the TV (the silent apartment disturbs me) and grab something to drink (Dr. Pepper or a Capri-Sun and a bottle of water).  
The shoes part I like, no need to track dirt around the place. 
The backpack part I like, because it's silly to walk around your castle with a backpack strapped to your shoulders and one shouldn't leave their laptop in their car.
The beverage part I like, because I'm going to drink something ever night.
But the TV thing annoys me.
One of my annual goals is to read 40 books.  And last year I just didn't think I read as much as I should have.  I can do better.  But not with the squawk box killing my attention span.
So I'm taking Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays off from my television.  

Now again, I'm not legalistic with my annual goals, and there are a couple exceptions.
If I'm playing trivia on Wednesdays and there are televisions on every wall, I'm not going to be running around like a crazy man trying to avoid them.
And If the MLB playoffs and World Series are on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday...well...I've got to watch.  However, in view of my first 2012 goal I won't talk about it.

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