Is This Ad Relevant to You?

So I do most of my TV watching via Hulu and secret free internet sites (shhh).
I assume you've watched something on Hulu and understand how they show commercials, and that you understand that unfortunately you might see the same commercial 4 to 8 times during the viewing of one show.
Okay, now that we are all tracking together...
Recently I have seen the following Aflac commercial a stupid number of times.  And I believe it is making me dumber.  Have you seen it?
I don;t understand.  First off, I'm tired of the duck.  It's not funny or clever or interesting in any way anymore.  In fact I'm more inclined to not use the services of Aflac just because of these commercials.  
But what I really don't get is why does the guy who is running lines with the duck assume that the bad writing of the lines he is rehearsing and the poor performance of  duck going to get him fired?  It doesn't make sense.  And if he hates his job as much as he seems to imply, which he should hate by the way, he's probably an unpaid intern who is running lines WITH A DUCK!, why doesn't he just quit.  
It boggles my mind that there are people who graduate from college, get employed by big advertising agencies, paid to be clever and witty and creative all day long, and this is what they produce.  Please don't tell me that the sole reason someone might have legitimately given the green light for this is that it would get people like me talking about how stupid this commercial actual is because it also means they were talking about Aflac.