NFL Picks...Week 2

I tried posting these yesterday but something happened when I went to publish. Anyways here are my picks for this week. Last week I was 11 for 15, which is not bad. This week was a little harder to pick because some teams did not play to their potential and other played above. Which were for real and which were flukes. By the way I'm picking St. Louis over my 49ers, only because I think St. Louis is going to come out and try to prove something after their lost last week. And while the '9ers defense looked great last week their offense was lacking some.

The picks:

IND @ TEN = Indianapolis,
GB @ NYG = Green Bay
CIN @ CLE = Cincinnati
HOU @ CAR = Houston
NO @ TB = New Orleans
BUF @ PIT = Pittsburgh
ATL @ JAC = Jacksonville
SF @ STL = St. Louis
MIN @ DET = Minnesota
SEA @ ARI = Seattle
DAL @ MIA = Dallas
KC @ CHI = Chicago
NYJ @ BAL = New York Jets
OAK @ DEN = Denver
SD @ NE = San Deigo
WAS @ PHI = Philadelphia