"...give us today our daily bread..."

At church the past several weeks we've been progressing through The Lord's Prayer line by line, allowing it to soak into our lives and giving it opportunities to overflow in our lives through words and deeds.  This past weekend we considered the phrases "give us today our daily bread".  A phrase that has less to do with giving or bread or frequency of giving and bread.  Rather it's a phrase in the prayer that forces us to wrestle with moving from our own perception of control to the reality of the Kingdom of God.
Specifically, my friend Jon McClarnon broken down the phrase into four separate tensions; (1) from independence to dependence, (2) from wants to needs, (3) from my bread to our bread, and (4) from the physical to the spiritual.
If your curious you can listen to it HERE.

There was a quote that Jon shared during the sermon that has been stuck in my head all week and I thought I had to share it somewhere.  It's from St. Basil...

“The bread that is spoiling in your house belongs to the hungry.  The shoes that are mildewing under your bed belong to those who have none.  The clothes stores away in your trunk belong to those who are naked.  The money that depreciates in your treasury belongs to the poor.”